Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do a Squat

I have to say, squatting is wonderful.  I did not really appreciate squats as much until I added weights and really felt my abs being engaged.  Of course, squats work out other muscles too, like your quads, hamstrings and butt muscles!

Make sure to do your squats properly so that you're receiving the full benefit of your work out.  Don't cheat yourself when you're already working so hard.  Make each squat deliberate and try to feel all of your muscles engaging as you move up and down.

Some Tips:
Remember, squats are just like sitting down in a chair.
Keep your back tall and straight, and bend from the knees.
Make sure your body is not bending forward too much (over your feet).
Your body should make a chair-like shape (knees at 90 degrees).
Don't lock your knees when you stand up.
Engage your abs!! (If you're me)

When I squat I use 3 lb. weights and hold my arms straight out in front of me.  I have found through experimentation that in this position, I feel my abs are the most engaged.  Otherwise, holding the weights at your hips, in front of your thighs, or just hanging at your sides, are all good ways to utilize the weights while squatting.  You don't need to use weights either.  It's up to you!

If you're a first timer, keep a chair under your behind until you get used to the feel of squats, then take it from there.  Just remember, don't sit down fully on the chair, once you feel it, take yourself straight back up.


So, here's to SQUATS, morning, noon and night :)

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