Monday, November 28, 2011

Effects of Overdoing It

So I had planned out a post on metabolisms, but in light of what just happened to me, I'm changing it to some of the effects of pushing our bodies beyond their limits.

Let me start off with some of the things I did wrong today.  I am a nanny, so I worked from 8am-6:30pm today, and luckily did not have to go to my night job.  I take care of a 14 month old and a 6 year old.  Today, their mom forgot to leave behind the stroller for our walk to school.  The result:  I carried the baby to and from school in the morning and in the afternoon.  He just learned to walk, but we walk more than a quarter mile along a very busy road and I was too nervous to put him down.  I already had a sore lower back from some of my weight lifting, and I believe this irritated it further.  I also ended up re-injuring my right elbow/arm, which had just taken 3 weeks to heal from a muscle injury.

The second thing I did wrong.  I drank too much water.  I've been sticking to around eight 8 oz. glasses of water, sometimes a little over, sometimes a little under.  Today I drank the equivalent of nearly fourteen 8 oz. glasses before I went to the gym and drank another two while I was there.  I honestly don't know why today was different from any other days when it came to my water intake.  I also didn't realize how much I had to drink until I thought back over the day.

Lastly, since it is the first day of a new week, I changed up my workout a bit.  I normally do 40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical (my favorite cardio machine!).  Today, I did a more intense 30 minutes of cardio and then spent 10 minutes on interval training.  I also added about 5-10 lbs. of weight to each of the machines I use when I lift.

And now for the grand finale...I went to the gym around 7 pm, came home at 8:30 and ate my dinner 15 minutes after that.  Now, I have never had a problem eating after going to the gym.  In fact, on most of the sites I have browsed, it is recommended that you eat within 45-60 minutes of going to the gym so that you can better absorb nutrients from the food, and replace glycogen (please let me know if you think this is inaccurate).

The result.  45 minutes after returning from the gym, I threw up everything I had eaten.  Not pretty, I'm sorry.  I definitely was not having a ball either.  I felt nauseous for 15 minutes beforehand and then continued to feel so for an hour after the fact.

Let me make things clear.  I am strongly against throwing up food for any reason.  It is harmful to your body.  What happened to me was completely involuntary and it was my body's way of telling me that I overdid things today.

I plan on being much more careful in the future and I hope that this information will help you avoid a similar occurrence.

You should feel like THIS after a workout.....   

NOT this.
too much exercise

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