Sunday, November 27, 2011

Featured Author: Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen
Author of 10 works
What Happened to Goodbye cover
Sarah Dessen is one of my absolute favorite authors, so she has the honor of being my first Featured Author.  Her books definitely target a YA audience because each of the characters in her books are teenagers.  Although I am 22, and no longer a teenager, I still immensely enjoy the stories.
The key to Dessen's stories is how easy it is for us to relate to the main characters and their different challenges.  Chances are, each one of us has felt like one of her characters at some point in our lives.  In this case, the main character manages to find her way to a solution, but not without stumbling many times along the way.  That leaves the readers with a sense of accomplishment and a belief that we too, can solve our own problems.
The one negative about Dessen's stories is that they all seem to follow an overall pattern, but don't let this discourage you from reading them!  I personally did not care because the characters were unique and drew me into their stories.
Dessen also has a great flow to her writing.  She carries the books along in the present, but manages to flawlessly fit in the back story of main character's pasts, without interrupting that flow.
Lastly, if you are looking for a romance, there is more than one to be found among Dessen's books.  Often, there are multiple romances occurring in each book, among the other characters.
And one more note.  I recommend reading the books in order, from the oldest to the newest.  With each story, Dessen adds a little tidbit from her earlier works and it's always fun when you discover that one little line that will take you back to one of the previous books.

Happy Reading!!!

List of Books (oldest to newest)

That Summer
Someone Like You
Keeping the Moon
This Lullaby
The Truth About Forever
Just Listen
Lock and Key
Along for the Ride
What Happened to Goodbye


  1. Sarah Dessen is a life changing author who no matter how many books she writes she always find new ways to touch my life and make me a better person. What Happened to Goodbye is her latest addition to the books that touch the lives of so many teenagers. Its about finding yourself and finding love even when things or people stand in your way. Worth every penny and amazing on all 403 pages. Must read. Even if you don't like to read it's great and you wont be able to put it down. She finds a way to connect to everyone of her readers who are going through so many different things in their lives.

  2. Sarah Dessen has a new book set to come out in May of 2013. Although I'm not thrilled about such a long wait, I am still very excited to see what she produces next. Set to be titled, Someone Else's Summer (although, it has gone through 2 other name changes that I discovered so far).