Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stay Active!

Stay active friends!  Today, change things up and try to find a new way to get moving.

I know it's cold outside, but a spin around the block with a friend or your dog is one way to ward off the chill.  Jog up that staircase or throw on some fun music and dance around your house :)  If you have holiday shopping to do, walk briskly around the mall.  Find an indoor sport or locate your ice skates (hopefully you'll be needing them soon).  Attack your living space and make it gleam, or ride your bike around the neighborhood and check out who has their holiday decorations up.

I work from 8am until close to midnight today :(  BUT I still plan on being active.  The baby (also known as Dominick) and I are going to bundle up and go exploring.  We might also visit the nearby park.

Let me know how you stay active!

Inspiration photo:

P.S.  There are two new additions to Life's Soundtrack!!

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