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Body Shape

One aspect of my body that I struggle to come to terms with is my body type, or shape.  Most of the time I look down and all I see are a whole lot of hips that I'm not really sure what to do with.  I've been told multiple times by my mother that I have short legs and a long torso...but to me, I feel like they both just look short.

My negative feelings about my figure prompted me to do a little research.  I unfortunately measure in at just under 5'5" for height, just to put things in perspective, making me shorter than my parents and my 3 giant brothers (and most of my extended family) is unfair.

Anyway, so I found some useful diagrams, etc. and learned some new info.  First off, I decided to take my measurements and see what I had to work with.  I investigated the various body sizes, took a couple of quizzes, read a lot, but I still am a bit unsure about what my body type might be ...I'm saying my best guess is an hourglass, based on my measurements (see below), although I did consider pear for a while and some of the rectangle elements seemed to match me.

A pear and a rectangle?  If you're curious, I'll lay it out.  So far I believe that we can go with 4 reliable body shapes to generalize.  The Apple, the Pear, the Hourglass and the Rectangle.  Just a reminder, all of the information below is generalizations of the body type.

The Apple Shape:
Shoulders wider than hips
Larger up top in chest and stomach
Slim hips
Gain weight up top

The Pear Shape:
Shoulders narrower than hips
Larger lower bodies
Smaller chest and flat stomach
Gain weight below waist

The Hourglass:
Shoulders and hips about the same size
Indented least 6" smaller than hips and shoulders (I have seen a few different #s for this)
Well proportioned
Gain weight all over body

The Rectangle:
Shoulders, hips and waist about the same size
Almost no waist indentation
Gain in stomach area

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So, based on the information you just read, take a look to your right where you will see a new poll!  Tell me, what body type best describes you.  If you are very confused or unsure, there is the Combo option.

Just so you shape is not any better than another!!  With this poll I want to show you that there are all shapes and sizes out there.  Plus, I did find a stat that said about 49% of women are apple shaped and I want to see if this poll will support that fact.  I would love to get at least 50 votes for this poll.  Thanks!

My measurements revealed...
Shoulders 38"
Bust 33"
Waist 27"
Hips 37"

My main reasoning for the assumption that I might be an hourglass shape is the fact that my shoulders and hips are about the same size and I have about a 10" difference between my hips and waist.  I used the chart below to help me determine all my measurements.

Also, there are a lot of different kinds of calculators floating around on the internet, but I prefer to rely on the written information.  This is because the calculators all have different ways of assessing your shape based on limited information.  I was told I have at least 3 different shapes.  You know your body best, so you can pick the most accurate shape.

Have fun figuring out your body shape!  Once you do that, there are a ton of websites offering up information on the best clothing styles to flatter your shape :)

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Lastly, a few notes...
Check out the About Me page of my blog.  Look for a new Featured Author tomorrow and check out my Life's Soundtrack page because I just added Change of Seasons by Sweet Thing, the song from the credits of the movie Easy A.  I'm very excited about this find!

That's all for now (because I've probably already said way too much).  Have a wonderful day!!

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