Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas, Fitness, Yogalates and a Weigh In

First off, Merry Christmas to all of you who are celebrating today, and Happy Holidays to those of you who are not.  My family has definitely picked up on my fitness vibe over the past month and the evidence was in the gifts I received this year.  I got a mat for pilates, a training band and some work out clothes which I am just thrilled about.  I have to say though, one of my favorite gifts was my gift to myself.

Last week I had hit a bit of a plateau and was stuck at 129 lbs.  Today I weighed in at 128.5 lbs.  It's only a little more than half a pound that I managed to shed, but seeing 128 was a wonderful sight because, as I said with 129 lbs, it's been probably more than a year since I've seen 120-something as my weight.

Downside to Christmas...the amount of candy I've received lol.  Especially the chocolate (yum).  Some people say that they know they're getting healthy because the stuff like soda and chocolate and other sugary goodness starts tasting bad.  Well, that's not me, and I have a feeling it never will be.  I know I'm much more healthy, but I have to say, the chocolate tastes just as good as ever!  Yes, I had a couple of pieces...and it was worth it.  My little reward for losing a total of 7 lbs so far.

I've officially completed 5 weeks of exercise, fitness and healthy eating and I'm heading into week 6 and I have to say, I'm probably much more enthusiastic about it than I was when I started.  Unfortunately the gym had limited hours yesterday and was not open today, so I had to take to the road for my cardio.  Ugh, please, I want the gym and my favorite elliptical back!  I'm proud of myself for lasting 15 minutes running outside, but I was a panting, sweaty mess when I walked back in the door.  So much for the stamina I thought I had.  I probably need to work a little more on my running skills.  Although, it didn't stop me from torturing myself with the run again today...same results, fyi.

I also tried out a fitness dvd that I had taken out of the library.  I've been very disappointed that I can't make it to the pilates classes the my gym offers, so I decided to see if I could find other alternatives.  This dvd had the title Yoga and Pilates, so naturally I just assumed it would contain work outs for both.  Nope, instead it was a Yogalates work out.  I tried it out, but I've since determined that it's not really for me.  The pacing was too slow and the instructor only had you do 3 reps of everything.  I also was not a huge fan of the exercises.  While I can see how they benefit people, I do not think that they did anything for me.  I have no soreness and I could do the exercises with relative ease.  Maybe if they had included more reps, it would have effected me a little more, but they did not.  I would much prefer a faster pace, more reps and more difficult exercises, preferably more pilates-oriented exercises.  But if you like what I just described, yogalates might just be for you!

A new poll, a Featured Author and hopefully updates to Life's Soundtrack should be coming out in the next few days, so keep an eye out!

Have a wonderful day!

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