Saturday, December 3, 2011

Featured Author: Juilet Marillier

Juliet Marillier
12 books (so far) and 5 short novellas
5 series (new series to start in summer 2012)

Daughter of the Forest Cover AU

If you like historical fiction than you should definitely give Marillier a try.  If you like subtle hints of magic, or of the fairy world, than Marillier's works are for you.  Her works combine history, folklore, and romance.  A great combination in my mind.

I was first drawn to Marillier through the Sevenwaters Trilogy and I've been reading it as it grows past the trilogy (6th book comes out in Nov. 2012).  It was the story of a girl with 6 brothers who are all turned into swans by a sorceress.  The girl must then suffer in silence as she weaves 6 shirts of nettles to save and change her brothers back while hiding from the sorceress.  Along the way she meets new people, who protect her, but also people who hurt her.  She is the image of strength and perseverance.  The story is based on The Seven Swans which is in Grimm's Fairy Tales.  It takes place in ancient Irelend and Britain, with influences from Celtic traditions, as well as European and Irish fairytales.  I was completely enraptured by the book and continued on through the trilogy which feature the main character's daughter and then granddaughter.

I explored some of her other books too and was just as drawn into the storylines as I was with the first one.  The same elements can be found throughout, the basis on fairytales, ancient traditions, and other historical elements that I absolutely love.

I am eagerly looking forward to her next installment in the Sevenwaters series and I plan on reading some more of her books while I wait.


List of Books (by series):

The Sevenwaters Series 

Daughter of the Forest
Son of the Shadows
Child of the Prophecy
(These 3 make up the Trilogy)
Heir to Sevenwaters
Seer of Sevenwaters
Flame of Sevenwaters (due November, 2012)

Saga of the Light Isles


The Bridei Chronicles

The Dark Mirror
Blade of Fortriu
The Well of Shades

Heart's Blood (not in a series)

Books for Young Adults

Wildwood Dancing
Cybele's Secret

New Series: Shadowfell (due Fall 2012 in US)

Short Fiction
(pieces can be found within the following works, except for the first one)

Twixt Firelight and Water
Tales for Canterbury
A Foreign Country: New Zealand Speculative Fiction
Legends of Australian Fantasy
The Road to Camelot

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