Friday, December 23, 2011


So...sometime over the last week, my nice, shiny clean bedroom turned into a mess again.  It's driving me a bit nutty, but I'm hoping that once Christmas is over, I'll be able to maintain it.  Half the mess is a stack of wrapped gifts in the corner and the various bit and pieces of wrapping paper and card stock and the materials I needed to wrap and make cards, just sitting all over the place.  I also think that my very long run on sentence might be indicative of what my messy room is doing to my sanity.

I learned today that lunges are great for your butt, mainly the gluteus medius.  They do work the hamstrings and the glutues maximus a bit too.  For anybody who is lost about what the difference between the medius and the maximus is, here's a picture to clear things up:

There are different versions of lunges, but the most basic seems to be the drop-knee lunge.  Here's how...

Start with one foot in front of you and one foot behind you (like you're going to do a split), a few feet from each other.
You can hold weights if you want to up the ante and add intensity.
As you bend, your goal is a 90 degree angle in each knee.
The knee behind is going to drop to the ground (not touching it though), so that you are in a kneeling position.
Keep good posture throughout the movement and when you come back up, stay loose and don't lock your knees.
For reference about how you should look at the bottom of the lunge, here's an image:

Go work out that gluteus medius!

I'm looking for new exercises and cardio tricks to help me break out of my plateau, so any suggestions are most welcome!!

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