Friday, December 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Ok, so you may be wondering why I titled this post the way I did when New Years is still a month away.  Well, I'm about to rock your world (or not lol).  

My challenge is this:  Instead of making a resolution on new years to start losing that weight, (or start working out, or to leave the junk food behind) make that resolution NOW.  I don't know about you, but I spend a lot of time around family and friends at the end of December and the beginning of January and I want to look my best.  I don't want to wait until after the holidays are over and done with to make that resolution.  

So, my goal is to be able to fit into a cute dress and some sparkly champagne heels by the time I get to New Years and look good in them.  My motivation...I already bought the heels!

Pinned Image

So think about it and challenge yourself!  Don't wait around for a new year to be your motivation.

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