Monday, December 26, 2011

Poll: Positive Mind Set

This post is a quick one to just summarize the results of my last poll and promote my newest poll --->

Apple 0 votes = 0%
Pear 7 votes = 30%
Hourglass 10 votes = 43%
Rectangle 4 votes = 17%
Combination 2 votes = 8%

So it appears that the Hourglass body shape won out here.  These results are very interesting because they completely contradict what I have learned about body shapes.  Which is that the Apple shape is the most common and the Hourglass figure is the more rare.  These results completely turned that around.  What a phenomenon, but ok!

So I posted my newest poll last night.  I want to know what part of your body you love the most.  I tried to give a lot of options, so I apologize if your favorite part isn't on there.  Just try to pick your favorite of the options I gave.  I intentionally did not include the face because I didn't want to get into specifics about eyes and noses, etc.  Also, I think that we more commonly have issues with body parts, so I want everyone to try to look at your body in a positive way.  What do you think is your best body part?  Try to think of the reasons why you like that part and what makes that part your favorite.

I'll go first!  My favorite part of me is my neck and shoulder area.  My shoulders are actually a bit wider than my hips, but I think that is a good thing because they look just right for me, and they don't look too small.  My collarbones have always been noticeable too, which is one thing that I like about myself, and my neck fits perfectly into that whole combination (which is kind of funny to me, because my neck and shoulders have been the source of major muscle pain for me the past few years since I'm a violinist).  Honestly, I do feel a bit weird thinking like this, and sharing it with everyone who is reading this.  I almost feel like I'm boasting or something to that effect, which is not the case at all.  If you can think positively about one part of your body, try to think of positive things about the rest of your body too!  It will help us to work towards a good mind set and a more positive body image.

So, it's your turn to share with me :)  Feel free to post a response below and tell me the positives about your body favorite body part! I'd really love to hear about it.

Photo Inspirations:
I like the intensity and the intent behind the picture...I just feel like she'd probably be much more comfortable with a sports bra on and her hair up lol
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I'd love to be able to run or work out in a sports bra one day and not have to worry about any jiggle around the waist.
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