Friday, December 9, 2011

Some New Ideas

Good morning all!  So my poll is closed.  I asked which cardio machine was your favorite and the results indicated that the Elliptical is the most popular, with 12 votes.  The Treadmill and Other were tied at 5 votes each for second place.  It makes me curious...what cardio machines besides the ones mentioned are the favorites?  Let me know!  The Bike came in as the least favorite with only 3 votes.  That makes a grand total of 25 votes.

My goal for the next poll is to double the amount I got this 50 votes!!  Unfortunately, the poll will not be coming out today.  It will be changed when I put up my post about Body Types and Shapes tomorrow because the two are directly linked, so look out for that in the morning!

In the meantime, check out this link to an article called 5 Fab Fat-Busters, that a friend shared with me:
There are definitely a couple things I've mentioned on my blog, like drink water, eat breakfast and build muscle.  I have not talked about interval training however, or the benefits of fiber, but I have adopted both of these ideas into my gym sessions and eating habits.

For interval training, there are many different variations on the time intervals to use and the intesnsity levels.  I usually do a minute more on the high intensity level, so, for example, I will go for two minutes on a lower intensity level and then go for three minutes on a high intensity level.  Level simply meaning, how hard I'm working on the machine.  I usually am at about 60-70% effort for the lower intensity and 90% effort for the high intensity.  You can peek around online for ideas on what is best for you.  Interval training is great because it speeds up metabolism (like all exercise) and it also continues to burn fat for energy long after you've completed your workout.  I recommend finding a way to incorporate this into your routine.

Fiber clears out our systems, it's as simple as that.  This helps our food move more quickly through our digestive track and it carries fat and calories out as well.  In the end, whether you are trying to lose weight or not, you will definitely benefit from including more fiber in your diet.

Have a good day!

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