Sunday, December 18, 2011

Uncluttering Your Life...or Just Your Bedroom

So I woke up this morning, took a look around and my first instinct was to pull the blankets up and pretend my bedroom didn't look like a bomb had exploded in there.  Whenever I start feeling like this, I know it's time for me to do a big clean up.

Truthfully, I have no idea why I can't seem to stay organized.  Piles just seem to grow slowly until one day they're too big to ignore...ugh.  Guess I'm going to have to forego writing my usual Sunday posts until the mess has been organized.

But!  Before I go off to tackle that, I'm going to tell you about all the benefits of living in a clean and well-organized space!

1.  Clean and I have to say anymore?  It's a great feeling when you know that everything is in the right space and you know exactly where it is!  No more hunting under a heap of clothes, sorting through piles of papers or moving around boxes of shoes (in my case).  I'm always happier when I have a clean bedroom, simple as that.

2.  Less stress.  By being organize, you eliminate a significant portion of stress from your life.  Just looking at the mess causes me to stress out a bit and while I try to ignore it for a while, the stress mounts until I do something about it.

3.  Cleaning is physical.  It gets you up and moving around, lifting and pushing.  It is a useful way to burn those many do you think I burn lifting up a pile of clothes lol?

4.  Motivation Boost.  The evidence is that feeling of a huge weight being lifted off your back when you are done cleaning.  When your surroundings are cluttered, your mind will feel cluttered and sluggish.  So by cleaning, you are helping to remove those feelings.  I guess that's why I always feel so much better when I'm done cleaning.

5.  Lastly, by cleaning and organizing you will free up your time and energy so that you can focus on other things.  You won't be wasting time searching for what you need, it will be where you put it.  You will be able to focus better because the usual distracting mess around you will be gone.

So, being clean and organized is one great way of receiving all the above benefits.  Go try it out!

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YES. strong is beautiful. I feel gross now from putting that stuff in my body. Looking at all this fitspo reminds me that i only have two months until cruise time.. LESGO. so truth

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