Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Way Of Life

The image below was the inspiration for my post this morning.  I really like the message and I would like to put it out there for everybody to consider.

live it. 

Fit is a way of life.  I've never really thought about being fit as a lifestyle.  Before I always thought, well I'll eat healthy and I'll lose weight, or, I'll exercise a lot and I'll lose weight.  The point wasn't to be fit, it was always to lose weight.  

This time though, I want to do it all.  Exercise, eat healthy, be healthy.  I would like to be fit in every way, and I like the direction that I am headed with my own fitness.  This blog is a huge help as well, keeping me organized and focused on obtaining my goal of becoming fit.

Some things that are making me realize I can be successful are:
1. As time goes on, my craving for soda has diminished.  I cut it completely out, even diet soda, and I've only been drinking water for the past 12 days.  It probably doesn't seem like a huge issue, but for me, it is a major success.
2. Today was the first time, I think, in my entire life that I was disappointed I wouldn't be able to go to the gym (I was working 8 am-midnight).  I've never actually enjoyed exercising that much, but I've been starting to look forward to it lately.
3. I am enjoying trying to come up with new healthy foods and snacks to eat everyday.  I've been perusing websites like no other for good ideas.  As a result, I've actually been cooking more and more.  (If you know me, you know that cooking is definitely not my thing.  So the fact that I am doing so, says a lot.)

There are so many positive things that can come out of maintaining a fit lifestyle.  Think about it!

Have a fit day :)

Inspiration photo:
Pinned Image

I would love to be strong enough to hold this pose one day.

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