Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weigh In #3

So another week has gone by.  I have officially been exercising and eating healthy for a full three weeks.  As with last week and the week before, I was worried about this weigh in because I was nervous the scale would show no change at all.

I will say though that I feel so much better than I did when I started out.  I have more energy, my sleep issues are slowly going away, I've been doing more, like baking every weekend and going places.  I even felt inspired and created my own set of Christmas tags and cards.  So when I think about it, even if I did not lose any weight on the scale, I have gained a lot more when it comes to my lifestyle.

I started at 135 lbs.  Last week I weighed in at 130 lbs and this week I weighed in at 129.2 lbs.  It wasn't a full pound, but you know what, I haven't seen the number 129 on the scale when it comes to my weight in a while, so it was definitely a good feeling.  And since it did go down, I'm starting to look forward to getting on the scale next week.

Just a fun note.  I have been working hard on different exercises for my abs, and doing my cardio to get rid of the fat.  Although there is still a bit of padding, when I try, I can feel a bit of definition to my abs under it!  I'm fairly certain I'm not imaging things :)  I have been working hard and I will continue to do so until I can actually see that definition, not just feel it.

Some reminders:  Read my post on Body Shape and take the poll on the right!  I would love to double the amount of people who answer this week, so that means 50 votes.  Also, look out for my Featured Author post of the week sometime later today.

Make it a great day!

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