Saturday, January 7, 2012

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

I've recently started to think that I might have an addiction to apples (the fruit, not the technology).  As convinced as I am that apples are great for you, I wanted to know all the facts, so I went looking.
This is what I've discovered:

So delicious looking.  Yum.  Now I want to eat one.

Nutrition Facts
Always good to know the nutrition facts!  Fiber and Vitamins are a major plus, as is no fat.

So, besides being wonderfully tasty and crunchy, apples do have quite a few benefits for those who eat them regularly.
They are rich with antioxidants which promote health
Are very helpful in lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease
Proven to help lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome
Major source of natural fiber
Good for weight loss 
Evidence has shown that apples are also good for brain health

You can find tons of more information about apples at the US Apple Associate website:

Another apple fact I recently learned is that they work towards whitening teeth naturally.  It probably helps if you are also trying to avoid dark foods and drinks that will stain your teeth too, like soda.

So, I recommend that you eat an apple a day.  The health benefits definitely seem worth it.  Plus, they're really yummy!

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