Thursday, January 26, 2012


So I'm jumping back to a topic that I mention every so  In this case though, I'm specifically talking about decluttering my room, which is distinctly different.

It's safe to say that I sometimes go on a little cleaning spree and tidy up my bedroom.  I am always mildly successful but there are usually a few things that still lack a proper home.  That, plus my normal morning dressing routine, usually has my room messy again within a week or so.

I recently visited the bedroom of a friend and realized that my attempts at clean were no where close to what a real clean bedroom actually looks like.  The most amazing thing about this room was the lack of clutter, something my bedroom definitely has (i.e. the collected knickknacks from my 22 years of life).

It was inspiring in a way and I set out ambitiously with every intention of cleaning/de-cluttering my own room....Two very full garbage bags later and my room did not look much different which was fairly disheartening I have to say.  Much of the junk had actually come from under my bed where I had probably ten+ notebooks filled with poetry and stories written in my younger years when I once believed I would be a famous author.  Piles of old meaningless paperwork had somehow found refuge under there as well.

While there is still what I consider to be too much stuff under there, it's organized at least.  All of craft supplies are neatly away in bins now (I do a lot of hand-crafted things, cards, etc.).  Christmas had caused them to explode into the nooks and crannies of my room and I'm a bit nervous that Valentine's Day might cause a similar occurrence.  Hopefully my organization will help.  Btw, if you are a crafter like me, Washi Tape is my new favorite obsession!

Washi Masking Tape Trio -  Flower Garden (5 feet each, 15 feet total) Floral Washi Tape Trio Set - Bordeaux RED Coffret du Couturier (5 feet each, 15 feet total)

I paused while writing this post to tackle some more cleaning.  The result:  I got rid of 80 books, which in the whole scheme of things is actually not a lot (for me).  I think it's safe to say that I still have somewhere between 180 and 200 left.  My biggest wish is that they could go somewhere where they'll be well used, but since they are mainly fictional stories for middle-high school aged kids, I've found that there actually aren't a lot of places that want that type of book donated.  If anyone has any suggestions or wants the books, let me know.  Otherwise they will probably be dropped off at the thrift store at my church.

After clearing off those shelves and giving them a vigorous dusting, I returned the remaining books.  They were looking lonely and the shelves looked sadly empty to me for a bit, but then I moved some things around, looked again and I began to appreciate the empty space.  It looks much less cluttered than it had previously.  There are still a lot more bookshelves to tackle (I have 6 5 foot shelves on my walls, a big standing bookcase and a small, narrow bookcase), and although no more books are leaving my room, I still want to reorganize and get rid of some of the clutter on them.

By the time I'm done, I'm aiming to be able to have a mini-yard sale with all of my junk!  I'm also hoping to be able to breathe a little easier when I look around my decluttered room.  I'm realizing this is going to definitely be a project for the next few days while I have a bit of free time so I need to stay motivated otherwise it may never get done.

That's all for now, hopefully I'll have an update about my lack of clutter sometime soon.  Have a great day!

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  1. Donate the books to a school!

    1. I would, but the schools near me don't need the books. A lot of schools and libraries actually don't want books to be donated because they don't have the room for them. So if you know a specific school or teacher who wants them that would be great!