Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lunchboxes Are For Kids

Since I work very long days, I have to be sure to pack enough food for the entire day.  On my busiest days I go from 8am until 12am, a full 16 hours, not counting my travel time.  Sometimes I only work until 6 pm, and weekends I sometimes only go into work at 6 pm.  Either way, I need to make sure that I have enough meals covered to survive my day.
At 22, I still live at home while I'm getting my financial feet underneath me.  It's part of the reason why I am working two jobs at once  I am still keeping my fingers crossed that a music teaching job will come my way.  I would drop everything in a heartbeat for the opportunity to teach kids again.  The problem with living at home is that I feel like I can't be a real adult with my parents still hovering...

Which is my roundabout way of leading up to saying that my mother told me one day that it was unacceptable to pack all my food everyday into plastic grocery store bags.  She suggested that I get a lunchbox.  I obviously was not really thrilled by this idea because, like I said, I'm trying to become an adult and a lunchbox, to me, does not really scream adult.  Especially if you are me and people still ask me what high school I graduated from when I mentioned I graduated within the past year.

Anyway, I solved the problem a couple of days later.  I was cleaning out the abyss under my bed and found a bag that I had picked up at the PMEA conference last year.  I grabbed it because the pattern was cute and it was eco-friendly and reusable.  It was also rectangular and a few inches bigger than a folder, so I liked the size.  Plus, I thought it might be a good fundraising tool, which was how the table was advertising it.  It also turned out to be the perfect size for the multiple containers of food that I take with me everyday to work!  Problem solved, and no lunchbox necessary.

Mixed Bag Designs is the name of the company that I bought the bag from.  Their bags are made from partially recycled polywoven plastic and they can hold a lot of weight.  I went looking for the website to their online store, but currently it seems to be gone.  Hopefully not for long though.  Here's the link to their facebook page if you're interested in checking them out:
Also, here's the page where you can access an online copy of their magazine:

This is what my bag looks like (not this pattern though).

I am now heading off to bed.  Take some time to check out my poll before you go.  Have a nice evening and a productive morning!

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