Monday, January 2, 2012

Relaxation Poll

The results of my last poll are in and a new poll is up!!  Take a look...

What is your favorite part of your body? Poll Results:
Legs 5 votes 13%
Stomach/Abs/Middle 3 votes 8%
Hips 3 votes 8%
Butt 6 votes 16%
Back 3 votes 8%
Chest 4 votes 11%
Arms 5 votes 13%
Neck/Shoulders 7 votes 19%

So the neck/shoulder area seems to have won out in this poll.  The Butt was a close second though and Legs and Arms were tied for third.  I didn't have any expectations for the results of this poll, but I do think it's great to look at our bodies in a positive light!

The next poll:  How do you relax?

Just a couple of ideas.  If there's anything else that you do to relax, click other and post it below!  It is always important to find some you time during the week so that you have a chance to unwind and relax.  Pick the time in advance and make sure that you don't flake on yourself!

Have a great day!

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