Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in the New Year: Weigh In #6

Happy New Year everybody!  I hope your evenings were all better than mine.  I spent New Years Eve at work unfortunately.  I arrived home in time to watch the ball drop, but my chance at having a fun evening was kind of shot at that point.  Oh well, there's always next year...

I am excited to announce that as of my weigh in this morning though, I am officially 127.0 lbs.  I've dropped a pound and a half since last week and a total of 8 pounds in the 6 weeks since I've been keeping track.

I think my progress is a result of a recently altered work out routine combined with my normal healthy diet.  I changed things up and added more interval training to my work outs and upped the amount that I lift, particularly on the lower body and core machines that I use.  My arm work outs have remained the same because I'm trying to be a bit delicate with my wrist for the time being.

Other than that, I have a new update to my Life's Soundtrack page.  Also, last chance to take the poll before time runs out!  I've recently been sucked into a story and I have neglected to complete my Featured Author post.  Hopefully that will happen soon though...maybe when I'm done reading :)

Photo Inspirations:
The 'I am awesome and successful' stance. I like to stand like this at the gym :)  I also dig the bathing suit in this picture.

I like this idea.  Although, I'm slightly bothered by the fact that caffeinated is spelled incorrectly.  And if implemented, try to avoid tight rubber bands.  Colorful ones are definitely more fun.  Or you can change it up and do bracelets or wristbands.

Ready? Set...Go!  It's a New Year and I know you made that fitness resolution.  So start now!

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