Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weigh In #7

So it is officially the end of the 7th week that I have been exercising and eating better.  When I look at the number 7, it doesn't seem that big, but when I look at the difference I have made in my own life, it tells me more than any number.  Always remember that non-scale victories are sometimes more telling than the number you see on the scale.

To cut to the chase this week...Last week I weighed in at exactly 127.0.  This week I weighed in at 126.2 lbs.  I feel a little strange.  This is the weight I was when I entered college 4 and a half years ago.  This is the weight that I would automatically tell people I was, even when I knew I wasn't.  I haven't kept track of my weight since then, besides doctor's visits, but I think that I am proud of myself.  I've lost 9 lbs in 7 weeks because of a few significant lifestyle changes.  A few months ago, the idea of changing my life in this manner seemed hugely impossible.  The idea that I could maintain the changes, even if I could make them in the first place, seemed ridiculous.  But I'm doing it and it's the best feeling ever.

Photo Inspirations:

I like the waistband :)


  1. Can you talk a little bit about what your trips to the gym entail? I am trying to figure out my plan to get on my own personal health kick and change my lifestyle. Ideally I would like to go from 144, which is what I currently weigh, down to 125, though I know it isn't going to be an overnight change and if I don't focus on my lifestyle and incorporate eating healthy and exercising into my everyday routine I will never keep it off. I have difficulty staying motivated and focused without a plan and I get frustrated and give up when I don't see results. This time I'm determined to change and push through knowing that it might take time to see the results of a lifestyle change. Do you have any suggestions for how to stay focused or how to incorporate worthwhile exercise into my busy schedule. Congrats by the way, I love your blog and you're doing an amazing job!

  2. Thank you so much! Just so you know, my past couple of posts have been dedicated to you. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask or email me. This goes for everybody!