Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Weigh In #8

So officially weighing in again.  It has been 8 weeks, close to a total of 2 months since I started keeping track..  This has been the longest period of exercise and eating properly that I have ever managed and I see no reason to stop now.  I feel great and I think that my weight is in a good place.

At this point I don't see the need to continue to lose weight.  I weighed in this morning at 125.2 lbs, almost a 1 lb difference from my weigh-in last week, which was 126 and it makes a total of almost 10 lbs lost since I started in November.

Right now I am going to focus on maintaining my work out schedule, my healthy eating habits and continuing my new lifestyle.  If I happen to shed a few more pounds along the way, good for me, but I definitely want to shift my focus to toning my body now.  I think I am also going to try to focus a little more on my fat intake and see what I can do to lower that number.

Just some thoughts.  Remember to take my poll and definitely share your thoughts on the question if you have an opinion!  Also, I'd love ideas for a workout playlist.

Have a wonderful day!

Photo Inspirations:

Because we are just as hardcore as the boys, but with our own flair :)
I love her shoulders

Somewhere in my future?
well shit.


Disclaimer: None of the above photos are of me, they are merely on my blog to serve as fitness inspiration and are taken from various different internet sources.


  1. Hey Emma! I love your blog, I read it all the time!! I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am that you've accomplished all this with such a busy work schedule. If you can do it, the rest of us have no excuse! And I love that you've done it the healthy way. You're really an inspiration!