Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Renewed Vigor for Everything

Wow, today I woke up feeling wonderful!!!  After suffering a recent bout of TMJ, I woke up this morning to wonderful sunshine, birds singing, a cool breeze in my window, the prospect of starting my new job and thought, is it Spring?

After being in pain for over a week now (there is a little pain still when I open my mouth too wide) from having my jaw locked shut, this beautiful morning was the best gift ever.  I'm also starting a new job working at my local library which is close enough to walk to, which is my plan today.  I also have a renewed vigor for everything in general.

I've written a self-evaluation post about my recent lack of good habits that I will post in the near future.  Today is also helping to renew my sense of purpose and drive to work towards changing my bad habits (a fight with my mother, a good cry, talking to my boyfriend and a Carvel milkshake last night also may have contributed to this too lol).

BUT, let's see where the day takes us, shall we?  I hope your morning was just as good as mine :)

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Not just hanging about

It seems to fit with my healthy lifestyle, macbook pro, and iPhone. ;) <3

but I’d much prefer to do some yoga…. 

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