Friday, February 24, 2012

Some Major Self-Evaluation

So I asked people to re-evaluate their gym habits, and while I sort of did the same, I was not completely honest with myself.  I hemmed and hawed around the edges and refused to look at the real reasons why I haven't been making the best choices for myself.

How did this line of thought come about?  Well, for starters, I have TMJ.  I also apparently have finicky wisdom teeth.  I believe it was this combination that did me in and the result was that my jaw was locked shut for a full week.  This is not fun.  But...I did do a lot of thinking.  Of course I did not make a single visit to the gym and moaned and groaned about the pain to the point where I think everybody I know was ready to give me a good hard kick to the rear.

My mom also recently pointed out another factor in my gym slacking.  I quote her here, "Being in love is good and all, but your room isn't clean, your gym habits are atrocious and you now do a lot of sitting around, watching tv/movies and eating."  Thank you Mom.  I can always count on her to put it in the most blunt manner.  I met my boyfriend at the very end of December and spending time with him doing more social activities has become more of a priority for me than the gym.  He has always good about asking me if I want time to go to the gym before doing something and I'm the one who will say that it can wait until later...except later never really comes.

Another excuse I keep using on myself is that I am transitioning jobs...instead of two jobs, I now have three.  How did this happen???  I was very suddenly offered a job at my local library.  It wasn't one I had applied for but I worked there in high school, my mom currently works there and they remembered me and that was that.  I was happy to accept it, in place of my babysitting position.  It would mean a significant decrease in hours, and more daytime hours to get things done and sort out my life and make more concrete plans for the future.  Also, no boyfriend distractions because he is at work during the day.  Well of course I started to feel horrendous guilt about leaving behind the two little boys I watch everyday, so I offered the family two days a week until they could work something else out.  Instead, they just recently told me they want to keep me those two days no matter what.  I also still have my night job which I have decided to take a few less hours at to give me more time in the evenings.  BUT...I'm still working a total of around 55 hours a week.  I blamed this transitional period for my lack of gym motivation.

A lot of the recent changes have also caused my regular schedules (eating, gym, sleep, social, etc.) to change.  My course of action is:
1. To just take things day by day and reconfigure my schedules to fit those days, with a bit of wiggle room for the unexpected occurrences.
2. I also have to take a deep breath now and again and realize that I can do it all, I just need to focus, stay organized and not stress when my plans all fall to pieces.
3. I also need to remember that I CAN do this.  I managed my life for so many weeks and this little bump in the road, while maybe a bit bigger than some of the others, is in no way going to stop me.  I hope that you all remember this too when life throws you a few curve balls all at once :)

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