Monday, July 23, 2012

Generation Next at BBP Library

Hello I've been busy, busy at work lately.  Lots to do, but I'm pausing to post something here, which obviously is work-related.

The library I work at has added a new age group for programs, ages 18-26.  We're hoping to draw younger people into the library this way.  It's a great idea, but so far there has been almost no interest.  I'm trying to get the word out about the group and the programs that we're offering this summer.  If you live in my area, check out the facebook page for Generation Next:

It'll give you information on some of the programs and if you've got suggestions for programs, we'd love to hear them!  I'm already set to teach a craft class in October and this summer we have:

Walk and Talk, gives you a chance to get outside and walk around the neighborhood.  You get some exercise while spending time with your friends.  Chat with people you haven't spoken to in a while, or meet new people.  Furry friends are welcome as well!

Financial Liability Wellness, a chance to learn the basics about savings and checking accounts, as well as information on credit and credit scores.

Easy College/Single Meals, a chance to learn quick, easy and cheap ways to make great food in college, or if you've just started living on your own.  Learn how to make food that takes little cooking skill, and get a recipe book to take home with you.

College Life Roundtable, for those of you who are about to start college, or a couple years away from going, this is a chance to talk to college students, those who commute and go away, and ask all the questions you want as well as hear their experiences and helpful tips for the first year.

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