Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Poll Conclusion and New Poll

At the conclusion of my on-going poll, we have the results of 51 voters....
The Question: On average, how many days a week do you exercise?

The Answers:
7 days: 3%
6 days: 17%
5 days: 19%
4 days: 21%
3 days: 15%
2 days: 7%
1 day: 7%
0 days: 5%

So, to sum up the results...
It is apparent that 4 days is the average amount of days to exercise a week.  It's followed by 5 days, 6 days and 3 days.
These are all great results and pretty much what I expected to see.  And remember, any amount of exercise a week is better than none :)

For my next poll, I want to know...What do you do while you work out?
Answers to choose from: Listen to music, watch tv, read, text, talk (to a work out buddy), a combo of the above, or nothing - I just work out.
If you think I'm missing something, let me know!

Have a great day!

Photo Inspiration:

From: http://in-needofmotivation.tumblr.com/

From: http://in-needofmotivation.tumblr.com/

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