Monday, May 13, 2013

The Balancing Act

For those of you who might have kept an eye on my blog, there was a noticeable slow down and then complete lack of posting in recent months.  I admit, it has followed the trend of my exercising habits, which have fallen to the wayside for multiple reasons.  BUT I am in the process of attempting to pick up the pieces and work out a regular routine once more.

What I learned from this relapse back into bad habits is that sometimes life catches up and becomes overwhelming and that delicate balancing act becomes too much.  This is OK, as long as you recognize what is going on and eventually take steps to get back on track.  That happens for me today.  The first day back is always the hardest, and the days after that as well and it is the main reason why I have dusted off my blog and decided to post.  It is mainly a motivational tool for myself, but hopefully also for those of you out there who are in the same place that I am right now.

My main issue with maintaining a good workout schedule has always been work.  I graduated college in 2011 and immediately started working full time as a nanny and part-time nights at Target while I job hunted.  Not ideal.  Now I am working two part time jobs as a librarian-in-training, going to school part time and babysitting in the mornings.  I took a turn in the right direction, found more purpose and meaning in my choice of jobs (which is AWESOME), but again, not an ideal schedule.

So, this was supposed to be motivational right!?  Well, check out both of my polls, to the right.  The first step is to be honest with yourself, and then the second step is to make a promise, or a goal, or some type of commitment to yourself.  If you'd like to join in with me, just click on that ME! button :)

Also, feel free to share your story below so that we can all support one another.

Here are some inspirational photos:



Run: Speed Short

christ, if only i had the balls to pull these off

Disclaimer: None of the above photos are of me, and I do not take credit for them, they are merely on my blog to serve as fitness inspiration and are taken from various different internet sources.

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