Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The First Husband by Laura Dave

If you're looking for a light summer read, try this one out:


The First Husband by Laura Dave

I have to say, I found myself pleasantly surprised by this book.  I expected fluff and the obvious romantic, epic true love story that you can easily find in many books.  Instead, I read a story that was surprisingly sweet that had depth to it.  The main character is Annie Adams and the book follows her and the choices she makes after a shocking breakup with her boyfriend of 5 years and the loss of her job.  Dave has her characters making realistic choices, which are not always the obvious ones, or the ones the readers want the character to make.
Overall, Dave's writing style is easy to read and The First Husband held my full attention and lead me to look up the her other titles, The Divorce Party and  London is the Best City in America.    


Enjoy, and let me know what you thought!

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