Friday, December 13, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence...I just have to write a post about her because she is quickly becoming an important icon in discussions of women and body image.  Ever since Jennifer Lawrence stepped into the spotlight in recent years, she has been someone that I look to as an example and honestly, she's done a great job so far, particularly when it comes to being a role model for young women.

LA Times reporter, Alexandra Le Tellier, puts it into words very well in this article:, saying, "So, in that context, Jennifer Lawrence isn't just a body-positive role model for young women.  In speaking out about body image, and in maintaining a realistic figure herself, she's helping broaden out definition of beauty so that it is more inclusive.  That makes her a heroine to all women, even if that wasn't her intended goal."  I absolutely love that line -

"She's helping broaden out definition of beauty so that it is more inclusive."  And it's true.

So today, while browsing, I discovered this:
I am just shocked that a magazine would airbrush and distort, and yes, I mean the word distort, her image.  She has spoken out about this before, as you can see in her quote also on that page.  The pictures show that there was absolutely nothing that needed to be changed about her picture - she looks great in the un-airbrushed image - but they did it anyway because it was not up to the standard of beauty that the magazine holds women to.  This is wrong on many different levels and it also demonstrates the level of control magazines, and other media outlets who participate in airbrushing, have over our society's standards of beauty.

Either way, Jennifer Lawrence has been my hero for speaking out about these topics for women in such a frank way.  I wish more women who are in the spotlight and ordinary, every-day women would do so because it is important to teach our children and the next generations of girls that life is not - and should not be - just about how pretty or skinny you are.

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