Friday, January 17, 2014

Thigh Gaps Continued

I'd like to extend the conversation I started about thigh gaps from a previous post (you can read that here:

A good friend shared an article from Cosmopolitan with me, entitled: "Why the Thigh Gap Obsession Needs to Stop Immediately" by Kendra Alvey (link:  Alvey brings a unique perspective to the topic because she previously worked as a body double, and because of that knows quite a bit about an industry that obsesses over weight and appearance.  But even she was shocked the first time she heard about "thigh gap."  This is definitely an article worth perusing.  I think that Alvey makes some very good points about body image, body types, and what women should aspire to.  In a particularly enlightening sentence, she compares the thigh gap to foot-binding and neck-lengthening, both of which were status symbols of beauty, but now considered barbaric practices.  I also happened to enjoy this line very much, "If I had a daughter, I'd rather her see a horror film than this damaging crap."  This said in reference to googling the terms, "thigh gap" or "thinspo."

Overall, an interesting read and an interesting addition to the conversation on thigh gaps.

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