Saturday, January 25, 2014

Updates and Interval Training

Just a few updates...

1. You can now search this blog in the handy search box to your right.  Not sure why I never had this feature before, but I did eliminate the word cloud in favor of the search method.  It's a pretty useful tool if you're looking for a specific topic.

2. Also, it is a New Year's resolution of mine to update this blog more regularly.  Changes that I have planned should slowly take place.  I make no guarantees since my spring semester is starting on Tuesday, and I have a thesis to write over the next few months, but I hope to keep up a more steady pace writing here.  As always, topic suggestions are appreciated!

3. Some of the pictures have disappeared from my posts.  I'll be updating and restoring those to the posts slowly.

4.  Check out this infographic on interval training!

Interval training time, y'all.

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