Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fitness Calendars

A resource I recently stumbled across is the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans website, at  I like it for the multitude of fitness calendars that they have available for you to peruse.  I discovered it through the following calendar (this is a January 2013 calendar) on pinterest:

Great intro to an abs workout! Gets gradually tougher as the days go by. Make sure you don't skip a whole week because you'll be in for a surprise! ;)

And this calendar (September 2013): 30-Day Amazing Butt Challenge brought to you by @shrinkingjeans  Looking to tone and tighten your butt? Join us in the #buttchallenge - an awesome monthly workout calendar! #fitness #exercise #workoutcalendar

I really like the idea of having a routine laid out for me each day.  Although, these calendars don't account for days or rest, or for those days you don't make it to the gym.  But chock full of good ideas nonetheless.  
They also explain and teach the moves in an accompanying blog post, so, even if you don't follow the calendar perfectly, you're still learning some great moves to incorporate into your future workouts.

Their most recent calendar, for February of this year is available and I would definitely like to give it a try!

Find more calendars here:

Fitness Inspiration:

Disclaimer: None of the above photos are of me, and I do not take credit for them, they are merely on my blog to serve as fitness inspiration and are taken from various different internet sources.

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